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At LTD Exteriors, we are committed to finding individuals who want to grow and develop with our company. We value the skills and contributions of our employees, and strive to compensate them fairly for their work. We also have a bonus structure in place for our employees to have an opportunity to earn bonuses on every  project.

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Growth & Development

Our focus is on fostering growth and development for our employees, both professionally and personally. We believe that when an employee is happy and fulfilled outside of work, they are better able to bring their best selves to the job and focus on safety and the task at hand. 

Management Style

Our management style is easy-going and open to communication, and we believe in fostering trust and understanding between management and employees. Any concerns or issues that may arise will be addressed in a prompt and professional manner.

Safety & Training

Safety and training are two top priorities for us. We insure that everyone becomes fully trained and certified. We pay for your certifications and training using NRCA’s TRAC (training for roof application careers) program and proper installation practices through Tile Roofing Industry Alliance.

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We are open to hiring individuals without prior experience in the field, and are dedicated to training and molding them according to our standards and quality of work. 

Michelle Kettering Background

As an employer my biggest fear is getting a phone call that somebody has been injured. I want to make sure everybody gets home at the end of the day in one piece. The same way you showed up for work is the same way you should go home.

// Michelle Kettering

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